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About Evaluations

The ACE (Automated Course Evaluations) Committee has been charged to develop an online software tool for course evaluations on the Davis campus. The Committee consists of Academic Senate (6 members) and Academic Federation (2) members, undergraduate (2) and graduate (2) students, and staff (8). The committee will be working through the 2012-13 academic year to identify best features and practices from campuses and schools that already use on-line evaluation tools and use that information to guide us in development of a system best suited to meet the needs of academic departments on the Davis campus.

Please note that there is no campus requirement that departments use the software tool developed; its use will be at the discretion of individual departments. Please see the FAQs for additional points about ACE.

Authors and Contributors

This application would not be possible without the collaboration of many people across campus, including an excellent administrative committee and a diverse team of programmers from several different departments. We will expand on this section in the future, but for now please have a look at The ACE committee membership for a brief list of the humans responsible for creating the Evaluations web application.