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UC Davis Pre-Purchasing Application

Welcome to the UC Davis Pre-Purchasing Info Page.

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You must have a valid kerberos login and password to access this system. Please contact your department prepurchasing administrator for permissions.

About Purchasing

The University of California Davis does not have a standardized pre-purchasing process. Once orders are ready to be submitted and executed a process exists for all units across campus within the Davis Financial Information System (DaFIS) and in the new Kuali Financial System (KFS). Units across campus have various business practices and processes for performing pre-purchasing functions but there is no campus standard.

The scope of this project is to deliver an application that can handle the pre-purchasing process. PrePurchasing allows users to submit any type of order request, including KFS, MyTravel, DPO/DRO/PR, and other campus services. This application also aids in the departmental approval process associated with approving order requests. Seemless integration with DaFIS/KFS is expected in the near future.

You can view the original PrePurchasing SRS here

Note: The PrePurchasing web application will only be expected to handle departmental review of orders and will not replace any approvals within the campus financial systems. Departmental approvals include supervisor and PI approval of an order. Account Managers provide review of orders to ensure reliable and accurate data so that purchasers are able to provide campus financial systems with more complete data. This system shall in no way replace any approvals required in KFS and approvals in this tool does not necessarily mean an order can be purchased. This tool is designed to aid departments in organizing purchasing information to eliminate duplication of data entry in the campus financial systems.


Keep an eye on the updates category in our knowledge base. We will post new articles whenever there is a significant update to PrePurchasing so you can stay on top of the latest improvements.

Authors and Contributors

This application would not be possible without the collaboration of many people across campus, including an excellent administrative committee and a diverse team of programmers from several different departments. We will expand on this section in the future, but for now please have a look at our "humans.txt" file for a brief list of the humans responsible for creating the PrePurchasing web application.