Butterfly Listing by Latin Name (Family Pieridae)


Pierids are rather conspicuous white, yellow, or orange butterflies, with around 1000 species worldwide. They primarily feed on plants in the legume and crucifer families, although some odd groups, like our Neophasia menapia, feed on conifers. Some Pierids, especially Colias sulphurs and Pieris whites, have taught us much about species recognition (based on ultraviolet reflectance patterns) and seasonally-induced polymorphism and phenotypic plasticity.

Anthocharis lanceolata Anthocharis lanceolata
Gray Marble, Boisduval's Marble
Anthocharis sara sara Anthocharis sara sara
Sara Orange-Tip
Anthocharis sara thoosa Anthocharis sara thoosa
Thoosa Orange-Tip
Anthocharis stella Anthocharis stella
Stella Orange-Tip
Colias alexandra Colias alexandra
Queen Alexandra's Sulphur
Colias eurytheme Colias eurytheme
Orange Sulphur, Alfalfa Butterfly
Colias philodice (eriphyle) Colias philodice (eriphyle)
Yellow Sulphur
Euchloe ausonides Euchloe ausonides
Large Marble
Euchloe hyantis "foothill" Euchloe hyantis "foothill"
Small Marble
Euchloe hyantis hyantis Euchloe hyantis hyantis
Small Marble
Euchloe hyantis lotta Euchloe hyantis lotta
East Slope Marble
Nathalis iole Nathalis iole
Dainty Sulphur
Neophasia menapia Neophasia menapia
Pine White
Phoebis sennae Phoebis sennae
Cloudless Sulphur
Pieris napi Pieris napi
Gray-Veined White
Pieris rapae Pieris rapae
European Cabbage Butterfly, Imported Cabbageworm, Cabbage White
Pontia beckerii Pontia beckerii
Becker's White
Pontia occidentalis Pontia occidentalis
Western White
Pontia protodice Pontia protodice
Checkered White
Pontia sisymbrii Pontia sisymbrii
Spring White, California White
Zerene eurydice Zerene eurydice
California Dog-Face