Adding your Butterfly photo to this Site

Add your butterfly photo to this site!

This website provides detailed habitat and life history characteristics on 159 butterfly species. Photographing butterflies, while rewarding, can present many challenges. If you have a photo of one of the butterflies species listed on this site, and think that it is as good as or better than one of them currently displayed, please send it to us! If we add this photo to our site, we will provide credit and a link back to your website.

In particular, we need photographs of Parnassius phoebus behrii, Phyciodes campestris campestris/montana, Pieris napi, and Polites sabuleti ssp. (the phenotype seen around Verdi, NV)

Also, we would like to thank everyone who has already contributed photos to this site. Please visit our Acknowledgements page for more information about these gifted photographers.